Fiber Optic Measurement Equipmentfor Installation and Service

In order to support our customers at installation time and in case of maintenance and service, we offer some small but versatile measuring equipment.

All devices are cost-effective,robust, easy to use and of portable hand-held size.

Light Source

Multi-functional Fiber Optic Light Source

The Light Source is a handy tool and instrument to provide you several different wavelengths to test the fiber equipment in the optical network and FTTx construction. The Light Source is ideal for field or laboratory testing of optical...

Fiber Meter

Signal Budget Measuring on Fiber Optic Lines for Single-Mode and Multi-Mode

The Fiber Meter is mainly used for checking the signal output power of the optical communication equipment in fiber optic networks. It measures the average power of a continuous light beam which emits from the equipments or other optic sources...

18-Channel CWDM Power Meter

Multi-channel Measurement on CWDM Fiber Optic Lines

The CWDM Power Meter can be used for a fast functional testing of CWDM multiplexers or for checking the channel occupation and quality on a CWDM fiber optical line.
All optical wavelenghts and their signal power are displayed simultaneously on...