Light Source

Multi-functional Fiber Optic Light Source

Light Source

The Light Source is a handy tool and instrument to provide you several different wavelengths to test the fiber equipment in the optical network and FTTx construction. The Light Source is ideal for field or laboratory testing of optical communication system at 850 nm / 1300 nm for datacom testing, 1310 nm / 1550 nm / CWDM 1270 nm ~ 1610 nm (20 nm spans) for all WDM testing , as well as 1490 nm for FTTx testing by changing the interchangeable SFP module.
The Light Source features zero warm up, superb productivity and is easy to use with pocket-size and rugged and handy design.

Using a suitable patch cord, the Light Source can be used for all the most widespread fiber interfaces such as LC / ST / SC / FC connector. It is suitable to test both Singlemode and Multimode cables.

Internally there is also a specifically designed power circuit included; the APC (Auto Power Control) circuit provides steady power which avoids unstable laser output when the battery is low.

The LD output signal can be switched to Continuous Wave or Pulse Mode 270 Hz / 2 KHz Modulated Mode to simulate signal transmission. There is a dust proof cap which will prevent dust from getting into the inside of the LD connector. The cap also helps evade incidental exposure of the laser directly into your eyes.

Technical Specifications
  • Small and robust handheld device
  • Any wavelength possible because of the modular SFP design
  • Testing of single-mode and multi-mode cables
  • LED signaling for "Power On" and "Battery Low"
  • Pulsed(270Hz, 2KHz) or continuous wave mode
  • Special SFP slot
  • Works with two AAA alkaline batteries


Ordering Information
Order Codes and Variants
Order IDDescription
MES-LS-MFLight Source Sender with SFP-Slot (without module)
Multi-mode Module
MES-SFP-1300-LED 1300nm LED
Singlemode Module
MES-SFP-1310-FP 1310nm Fabry-Perot Laser
MES-SFP-1310-DFB 1310nm DFB Laser
MES-SFP-1550-FP 1550nm Fabry-Perot Laser
MES-SFP-1550-DFB 1550nm DFB Laser
Single-mode Module CWDM
MES-SFP-1270-CWDM 1270nm CWDM
MES-SFP-1290-CWDM 1290nm CWDM
MES-SFP-1310-CWDM 1310nm CWDM
MES-SFP-1330-CWDM 1330nm CWDM
MES-SFP-1350-CWDM 1350nm CWDM
MES-SFP-1370-CWDM 1370nm CWDM
MES-SFP-1390-CWDM 1390nm CWDM
MES-SFP-1410-CWDM 1410nm CWDM
MES-SFP-1430-CWDM 1430nm CWDM
MES-SFP-1450-CWDM 1450nm CWDM
MES-SFP-1470-CWDM 1470nm CWDM
MES-SFP-1490-CWDM 1490nm CWDM
MES-SFP-1510-CWDM 1510nm CWDM
MES-SFP-1530-CWDM 1530nm CWDM
MES-SFP-1550-CWDM 1550nm CWDM
MES-SFP-1570-CWDM 1570nm CWDM
MES-SFP-1590-CWDM 1590nm CWDM
MES-SFP-1610-CWDM 1610nm CWDM