X2 and XENPAK Modules

Modules for 10Gbit/s over Fiber Optic

X2 and XENPAK Modules

We offer a choice of standard X2 and XENPAK modules as a complement to our fiber-optic based products.

These modules come from various third-party manufacturers. For your convenience, we specify them by their technical specifications so that you can order them according to their demanded properties.

In case you require some X2 or XENPAK type not listed here, please contact us.

  • Compatible to all devices equipped with standard X2 / XENPAK Slots
  • Allows flexible adaption of the devices to your infrastructure
  • Duplex SC Connector
  • Multi-mode, Single-mode, or DWDM available
Ordering Information
Order Codes and Variants
Order IDWavelengthFO TypeData RateBudgetRemarks
Other XFP module types on request
X2 Transceiver
X2 to SFP+ Converter Module
X2-SFP+-CONV-CIN/AN/A10Gbit/sNAX2 to SFP+ Converter Cisco compatible
850nm Multi-mode
X2-10312-850-MM-T7R10-CI850nmMM10Gbit/s3dB / 33-300mCisco compatible X2-10GB-SR
1310nm Single-mode
X2-10312-1310-SM-T8R14-CI1310nmSM10Gbit/s6dB / 10kmCisco compatible X2-10GB-LR
1550nm Single-mode
X2-10312-1550-SM-T1R17-CI1550nmSM10Gbit/s16dB / 40kmCisco compatible X2-10GB-ER
X2-10312-1550-SM-T0R22-CI1550nmSM10Gbit/s22dB / 80kmCisco compatible X2-10GB-ZR
CWDM Single-mode
X2-10312-Cxxxx-SM-T1R17-CI1270-1330,1470-1610nmSM10Gbit/s16dB / 30/40kmCisco compatible
X2-10312-Cxxxx-SM-T0R24-CI1470-1610nmSM10Gbit/s24dB / 80kmCisco compatible
DWDM Single-mode
X2-10312-Dyyyy.yy-SM-T1R16-CI1528.77-1563.86nmSM10Gbit/s15dB / 40kmCisco compatible
X2-10312-Dyyyy.yy-SM-T1R23-CI1528.77-1563.86nmSM10Gbit/s22dB / 80kmCisco compatible
XENPAK Transceiver
XENPAK to SFP+ Converter Module
XENPAK-SFP+-CONV-CIN/AN/A10Gbit/sNAXENPAK to SFP+ Conv. Cisco comp.
850nm Multi-mode
XENPAK-10312-850-MM-T7R10-CI850nmMM10Gbit/s3dB / 33-300mCisco compatible XENPAK-10GB-SR
1310nm Single-mode
XENPAK-10312-1310-SM-T8R14-CI1310nmSM10Gbit/s6dB / 10kmCisco compatible XENPAK-10GB-LR
1550nm Single-mode
XENPAK-10312-1550-SM-T4R16-CI1550nmSM10Gbit/s12dB / 40kmCisco compatible XENPAK-10GB-ER
XENPAK-10312-1550-SM-T0R24-CI1550nmSM10Gbit/s24dB / 80kmCisco compatible XENPAK-10GB-ZR
CWDM Single-mode
XENPAK-10312-Cxxxx-SM-T1R17-CI1270-1330,1470-1610nmSM10Gbit/s16dB / 40kmCisco compatible
XENPAK-10312-Cxxxx-SM-T0R24-CI1470-1610nmSM10Gbit/s24dB / 80kmCisco compatible
DWDM Single-mode
XENPAK-10312-Dyyyy.yy-SM-T1R231528.77-1563.86nmSM10Gbit/s22dB / 80kmCisco compatible
xxxx = CWDM Wavelength in nm
yyyy.yy = DWDM Wavelength in nm