Overview on our products

Optical Modules

Optical Transceiver Modules

We offer a range of optical transceiver modules in various standards.


Optical Multiplexers

Catalogue of all WDM Products

We offer a complete set of optical multiplexers.

Active Networking Units

Active Data Multiplexers and Repeaters

We offer a range of data multiplexers and repeaters, and switches.

As there are some new active optical devices upcoming, this category is currently under reconstruction.

Media Converters

Copper to Fiber Mini Converters

We offer a range of small optical media converter boxes for various connection purposes.


Items for Cabling and Installation

In this chapter you will find material you will need to install your equipment, like patch cables and attenuators.


Fiber Optic Measurement Equipmentfor Installation and Service

In order to support our customers at installation time and in case of maintenance and service, we offer some small but versatile measuring equipment.

All devices are cost-effective,robust, easy to use and of portable hand-held size.