Optical Attenuators

Fiber-Optical Attenuators

Optical Attenuators

We offer a small choice of attenuators as a complement to our fiber-optic based products.

You can use them for attenuating the data signal over short distances and prevent the receivers from being damaged by the laser light.

  • High Quality Fiber Optic Attenuators
  • Suitable for Single-mode and Multi-mode
  • Available with LC, SC, FC, or ST Connectors
Ordering Information
Order Codes and Variants
Order IDConnectors Fiber TypeAttenuation
Structure of the order code:


W = Simplex/Duplex
(SX=Simplex / DX=Duplex)

X = Fiber type
(MM50=multi-mode 50µm, MM62=multi-mode 62.5µm, SM=single-mode 9µm)

Y = Connectors

Z = Attenuation in dB
( 2dB up to 20dB in steps of 1dB)

Other attenuator types are available at our partner shop:
Fiber Optical Attenuators at the Fiber24 Online Shop
Attenuators Multi-mode
ATFO-SX-MM50-LC-5LCMulti-mode 50µm5 dB
ATFO-SX-MM62-LC-5LCMulti-mode 62µm5 dB
ATFO-SX-MM50-SC-5SCMulti-mode 50µm5 dB
ATFO-SX-MM62-SC-5SCMulti-mode 62µm5 dB
ATFO-SX-MM50-ST-5STMulti-mode 50µm5 dB
ATFO-SX-MM62-ST-5STMulti-mode 62µm5 dB
Attenuators Single-mode
ATFO-SX-SM-LC-5LCSingle-mode 9µm5 dB
ATFO-SX-SM-LC-10LCSingle-mode 9µm10 dB
ATFO-SX-SM-SC-5SCSingle-mode 9µm5 dB
ATFO-SX-SM-SC-10SCSingle-mode 9µm10 dB
ATFO-SX-SM-ST-5STSingle-mode 9µm5 dB
ATFO-SX-SM-ST-10STSingle-mode 9µm10 dB